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Passion Automotive Accessories Ltd. FAQ's

Q. How do I know how what colors to order for the (Modified), split color console cushion?

A. The side band is ALWAYS the first color and the top is the second color.

Q. How long does it take to install the console cushion?

A. Around 30-40 minutes.

Q.  Are there any permanent modifications to the console lid to install the console cushion?

A. No, the console cushion as well as the door handle accents are removable just as easy as they went on, taking your car back to stock.

Q. Can I order the console cushion already mounted on a lid?

A. Yes, this can be done two ways:

  • You can send us your lid, and for an additional $25 charge we will install your new console cushion on your lid and send back. (You are responsible for shipping the lid to us).
  • You can order your new console cushion already mounted on a new factory lid, allowing you to keep your original lid, (Charge for this is an additional $125).

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