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Consumer Reviews

To Dean & Staff, I received my two tone console cushion and must say I am extremely happy. The workmanship and superior quality of this console cushion will add an additional "touch of class" to my 2006 Mustang GT Steeda Q400. The Superior Quality of the materials and Matching color have enhanced the look of my interior. The softness and comfort of the console cushion will do my elbow wonders. Installation was quite easy and the fit was outstanding. Attached are a few pictures of my Rod. Thanks again.


Dean, Thank you! Great customer service!!! I will be happy too send you a photo with it installed. Thanks Richard

I ordered the armrest cover, door handles, and e-brake cover and I can't say enough good things about how great the car looks now! Easy installation and great materials. Will definitely recommend your company to others. Thanks again

Dean, I got the shift boot for my 08 California special today. The install was simple and it really looks great in the car. The quality of the leather boot over the stock vinyl is night and day. I will send you some pictures of it installed this weekend. Thank you for sending it so quick!!! Regards, Erik

My husband and I have two 2006 Ford Mustang GT's and both of them have your console covers in them. We really love the way the console covers are soft and comfortable on your arm and elbow not to mention how nice looking they are in our cars. My husband says they are easy to install too. Definitely an upgrade! Thank you for such a nice product. These pictures show how nice they look installed. Karen

I very happily received your headrest covers (camel/parchment) from the UPS man and installed them immediately. It took a total of about 5 minutes installing both. I took the headrests off for easier installation. Your instructions made it a snap. The color is a perfect match and they fit good and snug.

I came to Passion Automotive with a unique and somewhat custom project request. They came through with flying colors. Excellent materials, workmanship, and very friendly. In today's day and age, doing business with them is a joy. I love their work... as a matter of fact, just had to go out and open the door and look one more time. Looks better than factory, in fact it is.... great way to class up my ride.

Dal Anderson

Hi Dean:
Well, I finally found time to do the installation this weekend.  First, let me congratulate you on providing well written instructions!  You have no idea how many vendors I deal with who either don't provide instructions or what they do provide is useless. 
I am really happy with the products I purchased; my dark cavern of an interior now has come alive with a slash of color.  What's more important, I think, is that the products look like they came as factory options.  That is to say, they blend in well with the car.  Also, I never really thought about how uncomfortable the center console and are rests were until I used them after installing the items I purchased.  What a world of difference!
Attached are a few photos showing the installed center console arm rest and door handle wraps.  I'm really happy with all of it!

Les Bateman

Just got the items installed - attached are some photo's - here's some comments:
I HIGHLY recommend Passion Automotive Accessories!  Dean and company were extremely easy to work with, helpful, timely, and with Dean's help we came up with a great combination of colors for my car.  Installation was easy (despite my hesitation about the console cushion installation), and I can't believe I waited so long to do it - my right elbow no longer suffers the pain of the standard Mustang center console.  I would love to see if Dean can come up with a padded armrest for the doors that will make my other arm hurt less!  The quality is outstanding - several people have told me they thought it was factory standard installed - perfect match!  Thanks Passion Automotive!

Just received my items for my GT and it looks fantastic. You all did an excellent job and I appreciated all your hard work on this.

Thanks Again
Gary Dean Cole


I received and installed my console cushion yesterday evening.  I couldn't be happier
with it.  Taking my time with the installation really paid off.  It looks factory quality, but
incredibly better appearance and more plush than than the stock console lid.  An
added and unexpected ergonomic bonus was that the increased height makes driving more comfortable.  I am not having to awkwardly lean my torso right to rest my arm on the console, which really improves the enjoyment of driving.

Thanks, Jim

I gotta tell ya, you got some product! it all looks so great!!!! I would highly recommend you to anyone! Barry

Hi Dean,

I can't thank you enough for working with me to get a console cover to match my car. Your patience and creativity to achieve the right color and design goes above and beyond what customer service is all about. Thank you very much Dean and I’ll spread the word about Passion Automotive Accessories at every car show I attend. Once again many thanks.
Ray Sbrana

Dean and Passion Automotive Accessories Ltd Staff,

I cannot adequately express how grateful I am for your professionalism, customer service, and unsurpassed product quality. Your response and delivery of the door accents and custom console cover were incredibly fast.  Your instructions were easy to read and thorough to a fault; installation a breeze!  Your materials match my 2006 Mustang GT's interior perfectly.  No one would ever guess they were not installed and designed by Ford Motor Company as original equipment.  The fit, finish, and detail are absolutely amazing! 

Of all the aftermarket accessories (both interior and exterior) I've bought for my Mustang, I'm most impressed and proud of those I purchased from your company.  In the crowded and extremely competitive automotive accessory industry, Passion Automotive Accessories Ltd is filling there to fill the void where customer service is all too often absent, product quality is questionable, and original designs are rare.  Thanks for being truly superior in all areas!  Bottom line, if someone is contemplating buying just one item to upgrade their 2005-2007 Ford Mustang's interior, then without a doubt, your unique products should be at the very top of their list. 


Robert Harris
San Antonio, Texas


Just wanted to let you know that I saw your add for the armrest cover in one of the Mustang magazines, and from the picture of it thought I would try it, so I ordered the cover, got it within a few days, put it on my console which only took about 15-20 minutes, and WOW!! What a difference, looks great!!  

Matter of fact got it in time to use for a special display my Mustang was in for the Dallas Auto Show. Everyone that came by our display asked me where I got the cool armrest cover. Said it looked custom and wanted to know where they could get one, so I referred them to your Web site.

Just wanted to let you know the armrest cover is a great idea and a top quality leather product, was easy to put on and looks great. Great customer service too!!


Bentley Palez

My name is Jeff Callander and I received as a raffle prize from PASSION AUTOMOTIVE ACCESSORIES LTD, which consisted of a console cover and door wraps for my 2005 GT Mustang.

I would highly recommend this product to anybody that is looking to protecting the inside of their automobiles. Their products are made with quality materials and the color matches are awesome. The stitching adds such detail that makes it pop. The people are knowledgeable and friendly, and the installation was fast. I suggested to them products that I would be interested in for my car and even though they do not have them now they are quickly working on them for me.

PASSION AUTOMOTIVE ACCESSORIES LTD. are more than willing to go that extra mile for the customer. What are you waiting for, call right now.

Jeff Callander
Apache Junction  AZ

I just purchased and installed console cushion and door handle accents in my '06 Saleen and am very pleased with your product. The quality of both the manufacturing and the materials is excellent. The material grain really matches the factory materials - looks great!


Dick Eimers

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